People's Choice Cookoff - Option 2 Beef Fajitas

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Compete for the People's Choice award by smoking and sharing with our guests the very best Beef Fajita plate!  You will want to cook enough for at least 100 servings for our guests.  You MUST be a registered cook team competing in our competition to participate.

Fans will vote with their tips and winner will be decided by highest dollar amount of tips.  Winner will receive 100% of category entrance fees.

Cook teams will need to provide the following:

  • 100 servings for our guests
  • Plates and utensils to serve
  • Catering or temporary food serving permit must be on file with promoter or visible

 Smoke and Sounds will provide the following:

  • Tip Jar and signage - Tips are all donations to the Promoter's charity - Do not remove cash from the tip jars